As indicated this is primarily a Private Climate Adaptation Community for family and friends, they are always warmly welcome.

Outside of that subscription to this Private Climate Adaptation Community is by invitation only at $9.99 a year, no levels, no special treatment, misinformation, or anything like that.  You are either in a family group with others, a friends group, and those who share interest with whatever your particular thing is, doesn’t necessarily have to be issue or climate related.

Although in certain aspects of this community is that we’d like to have parts of it focused primarily our ‘mental health’ friend/family to friend/family with regard to adapting to our Climate Emergency as it worsens, as a form of helping each other and ourselves adapt better to a new world that is folding out right in front of us.  This is something we could do.

So with that we (after my first invite, then the person invited will send out his/her own invites.  As long as everyone has read the ‘Community‘ page over at cCc.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, is saved at this site and it will be refreshed (and re-installed probably a few times.).  You are responsible for saving your own data, here it is an open-site as it is my own personal individual ‘humanity cave’ per se.

Regarding the Activity Feed, I am not sure yet if we will be refreshing it on a regularly basis or not at all. We do reserve the right for now to do a complete refresh at least once a month. Please if any data or information is important to you or something that might or could be used for litigation or otherwise, just do your own screenshots.

eXit235 can be regarded as our we-the-people online living-room where you have your own woman/man zoom room (or cave as some call it) as well.  You are more than welcome to visit my cCc profile, (all rooms will be equipped with zoom for on the fly conversations this way).  This will be the case in all of cCc’s community sites.

(This page is in draft mode and will be updated in the future. Keep in mind also the site itself is in the process of being improved and upgraded from time to time.)