Right now in terms of membership for this community I am only adding family, specific invites, and friends.  This will be another ‘example’ site for GEM II, the only difference is that you can only be added from within.  I will be reaching out to many, such as the climate teams world-wide, scientists, authors, celebrities, singers, politicians and many others individually one-by-one.

eXit235 for friends supporting each others adaptation and transformation, not just climate but over-all.

This friendship site is a combination health, (both mental and physical), world/local concerns, Climate Change, relationships issues, and more. It is not a site to get answers actually, but perhaps a venue that points us in the right direction. Not only that we are keep each other posted about the Climate conditions in our individual areas.  Friends and relatives looking out for each other.

Climate Adaptation on our part requires that we not only begin changing our living methods but also requires we re-evolve our eating habits or more to transform our consumption choices even if just a small bit, and specifically adjusting our support for those who are ill as the climate worsens.

It is a fact that we all struggle with health issues at one time or another. Again, this community site is about many concerns and issues, from friendships, climate-health issues to other local/global worries. Here we can help each through dietary challenges, changing food choices and having discourse about those other issues that are truly important to us.

Some of which are are becoming more of fundamental concern in light of the global climatic changes that is upon us. It is also time to realize and accept that natural (unprocessed) food has to be viewed as medicine as well, but getting to that type of diet is difficult due to our current foods having been manipulated to induce addiction, for instance by adding extra sugar and other ingredients and chemicals.

This is a forum and group based site and prefers less drama and more concern for each other in terms of our friendships, physical/mental health, food choices, world/local issues or other important concerns. Many of us are struggling with habits that are so ingrained that the thought of change scares us yet when we have solidarity and dialogue with those who ‘been there, done that’ we can begin breaking these behaviors and better adjust to climate adaptation and self-transformation.

We look forward to dialogue and supporting each other. 

Check out some ‘Wiki’ resource links below, but don’t forget ‘All the Troupe‘ which is a Wiki site for creative writing in all kinds of entertainment: television, literature, movies, video games, and more.  In fact, these links below were found on this Wiki Troupe page.

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